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Nature infused oil paintings that transform your home or office into a soul feeding place.

You consider yourself and avid nature lover and taking a green break outdoors is one of your favorite ways to take a break from the buzz of everyday's hustle.

But don't we all know it: life gets in between and you usually have to spend a lot of your daily hours indoors, be it in the office or at home with your family. That's why you're often longing for some fresh air, to fill your lungs with the smell of wood in the forests. Or you dream about a walk through a flourishing garden, stopping to smell the flowers. You're thinking:


“Gosh, I'd really love to go outside now!”


But meh.. you still have to finish this project for your boss until tomorrow and the laundry at home has to be done, too. You look around and everything you see are empty walls or uninspiring window views of the city life.

Since you're also an art lover you now wonder what a nature infused artsy accent, could do for you . . .


You say, “I really need a more beautiful view inside of here! Time for decoration!”

Nice to meet you! I have something just right for you:

Nature infused oil paintings that


  • add a beautiful & invigorating atmosphere to your home or office

  • and help you to unwind & reconnect with nature during your everyday life.



Let me introduce myself 

I’m Johanna, a Hamburg based multifaceted artistic soul & nature lover. I knew very early that what I wanted most was using my artwork to touch people emotionally to enrich their souls and homes.


Following my heart wasn’t easy at the beginning as I rode the crazy rollercoaster of life. I’ve worked as a scientist, a musician, a voice over artist and coach, and a social worker. 

This work fed my mind and curiosity, 

but I still longed for a bigger place for art in my life.

Through my social work in the mental health sector, I experienced 


nature's and art’s potential for healing our hearts and feeding our souls, 


providing an anchor that recharges us through beauty and connects us to the core of our being. I realized that art and nature is nothing trivial but an important resource for humanity.


Nourished by these insights, it appeared so logical to me to combine these two! So four years ago I finally took the leap and let my brushes embrace my love for painting landscapes and nature infused still-lifes.

"Today I finally get to be myself, the artist that expresses the rich beauty of nature and thereby helps others to reconnect to it through my oil paintings."

Johanna in Studio 2.jpg

My collectors are „thrilled to have my artwork in their home“!


Read what else they say about my work:

"Wonderful small oil painting! The Artist was really nice in contact, the art was delivered quickly and very well packed. Thanks a lot!" - F. Hagen

"Incredible light capture in this painting!" - D. Trenton

Now – what about the artwork?  

There are at least three options:

1. You really want an exquisite and one-of a kind, piece that is as unique as you are. Head over to my original pieces that are available directly from my shop.

2. If you find that none my available pieces in the shop really fits to your space, send me a message to request a commision.

3.    If you’d love to know whom you're buying from first, or have questions about the pieces, I’d love to invite you to a personal studio visit (Hamburg) or a digital one-on-one zoom session with me so we can figure out the best pieces to beautify your space. You can also send me an E-Mail and I'll get back to you!

Exhibitions and Competitions

  • August 2022 Group Exhibition "Bergedorfer Kunstschau"

  • April 2022 Solo exhibition "Old meets new - realism is abstract?!" Kulturschloss Wandsbek 

  • May 2020  Merit Prize for "Burger, fries and a coke" in the Awesome Art price Spring Contest 2020 

  • April 2020 8th place with "Piano elegance" in the 10th Annual “Figurative” Online Art Competition." Light SpaceTime Artgallery

  • September  2019  "Terra & Tide" A fine art collective, Envision Arts Online-Exhibition, Paintings: "Sunny Day" & "She's got an attitude"                 

  • February 08. - March 08 2019  "A Woman's Tale" Group exhibition, Kulturladen St. Georg, Hamburg

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