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Meet the Artist

Artist Statement 

I am passionate realistic oil-painter who thematically embraces the human portrait and figures but also elegant still-lifes and the calming nature. I'm using of highest quality oil paints, mostly on self-primed panel, rarely on cotton-canvases.

The reason why I am painting? I feel that the beauty of art acts as an existential counterbalance to the often hectic and stressful life. As a social worker in the mental health sector I am constantly reminded about the importance of finding inner peace and balance. Coming from this inspiration my works are a contribution to mental health. They deliver the most needed counterbalancing tranquility and beauty to the viewer. Softly captivated the viewers gain hope and are enabled to release mindloops and stressful thoughts. My art is a sanctuary for the human mind. 


My figurative work gives tribute to the dignity of the human body in particular. 

With my still-lifes I am giving the viewer a break from socializing, pinpointing the viewers to the elegance of light falling on seemingly ordinary objects. Through peaceful landscapes I am depicting my personal hideaways, which I am visiting regularly on long quiet walks through the wonderful nature of my neighborhood.

I achieve these qualities through using harmonious colors and a delicate interplay of light and shadow. My painting process is mostly indirect, and I adopt the processes techniques of the old masters. If possible I am painting from life, to embrace the subtleties of the subject with my unique view on them.


Hamburg based artist Johanna Hattner was born 1984 in Slovakia and immigrated to Germany only one year after her birth. Originally a scientist, Hattner left the scientific world, became a social worker and explored various arts after 2015. Since 2018 she focusses intensely on fine art, first in acrylics, then soon transitioned to oils. As a self-taught artist, Hattner blended her desire for humanities, research, and philosophy with her passion for arts, by combining her experiences into a cross-inspiring way of realistic painting. She's particularily inspired by the moving stories of the personalities she accompanies during her social work. She also finds her artistic inspiration in the seemingly ordinary and nature. 

With an eye for the quiet beauty of the seemingly ordinary and a passion for biographical turns and stories - those of other people and her own – Hattner communicates not only through figurative works but also through narrative still lifes. Her work depicts the beauty of tranquility and the interplay of lights and shadows, thereby transforming them into everyday riddles, that are resolved throughout the painting process. Her work was exhibited in a group show for the 14th international women's day in Hamburg. Hattner is a member of Poets and Artists, International group.

Exhibitions and Competitions

  • May 2020 | Merit Prize for "Burger, fries and a coke" in the Awesome Art price Spring Contest 2020 

  • April 2020 |8th place with "Piano elegance" in the 10th Annual “Figurative” Online Art Competition." Light SpaceTime Artgallery

  • September  2019 | "Terra & Tide" A fine art collective, Envision Arts Online-Exhibition, Paintings: "Sunny Day" & "She's got an attitude"                 

  • February 08. - March 08 2019 | "A Woman's Tale" Group exhibition, Kulturladen St. Georg, Hamburg

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