Who's that woman?

Multifunctional Artist 

I was born in Slovakia and raised in Berlin, Germany. Currently I'm living in Hamburg, one of my favourite cities. However, I love travelling and also lived in the Netherlands and the UK for shorter periods of time.

In love with life long learning

As a creative head, namely a singer, voice over artist, multi-instrumentalist, painter, actress and sometimes poet (and I also once had great fun stage directing and writing a theatre piece):

I obviously love discovering new stuff. I admire the way different things, experiences and knowledges lead into a form of cross-inspiration. 


I've been painting (see my fine art bio & artist statement here) since my early childhood and started playing piano with 4 years of age. With 14 years I decided to start singing. Not that anybody knew about it - I made sure no one did, by practicing in the smallest and acoustically most isolated room in our family house. Nowadays that strategy obviously changed. But that maybe explains why I still love spending my time singing in old bunkers, studios or cabins, while the sun might be shining outside.... However, it took me about ten years before I started singing officially in a Band, directly after moving to Hamburg. 

"Art is the language that connects the world"

Since then, I sang and played in various bands of different styles such as Funk, Pop and my beloved Jazz which is one of my central influences (currently @SPIELWERcK).

Due to my experiences as a former scientist, I also have a big fable for experiments in music and arts in general. This also shows in my long term experience as a improvisation theatre actress and infuses my approach to music, painting, voice over and singing. I simply enjoy adapting to different situations and demands quickly. Or as I put it: Jumping into cold water is one of my favourite sports.


With all forms of art I enjoy the possibility of connecting and communicating with other people globally and I enjoy it to get inspired by biographical life stories and emotional experiences of others. Thus I founded the art project "from art to art".

Theatre | Acting | Voice Over


  • Improvisation theatre "Die Zuckerschweine" (Hamburg) & "Die Glückskekse" (Berlin)​ 

    • 8,5 years professional improvisation theater/music theatre

  • Acting school | Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg; SFSH: 

    • Acting course, basic

    • Including stage direction, script writing and music composition of the piece "Freedom"

Voice Over

  • Creative Media International  (Kimberley Kleczka):  

    • Voice Over-Course  in english (Inflection, Character, Script Analysis, Commercials, Industrials, Infomercials​)

  • Academy for professional Voice Over | Akademie für professionelles Sprechen (Katharina Koschny):  

    • Voice Over & direction Tonregie (Ariadne System)​​​, breathing - speaking and microphone techniques

    • Dubbing (Movies, Comedy, Drama, On/Off scenes, Timecode, Games, Commercials etc.)

Teaching | Private Lessons


  • Walter von Bülow - Vocal training & singing

  • Julie Silvera - Jazz vocals

  • Philine Seipelt - breathing and speaking techniques

Music | Composition | Songwriting 

  • Children song composition, singing &  songwriting, audioproduction, translation (english to german ) including rhymes         

  • ​Eventband, Bandleader, Singer & saxophonist, lyricist for individual songtexts     

  • Singer, Saxophonist, Songwriting/texting in different bands (Funk, Jazz, Pop, Country) 

  • "Amy28", "His & Herstory" ​ (2015-2016)


  • Piano classes (classical 1988-2004)

  • 26 years piano experience (pro level)

  • 15 years Saxophone experience (pro level)

  • 3 years guitar/E-Bass experience (beginner)

  • Drums (Beginner)

Ohter skills  & talents

Singing, Horse-riding, Dialects – German accent (Berlin, northern/Hamburg), French (read and speak, beginner-intermediat level), Writing, Composing, Songwriting and songtexting, Audioproduction, Voice overs, Professional home studio and editing capabilities,  Sound engineering (Cubase, Garage Band, Audacity) Translation/Transfer of english texts to german including rhymes, Teaching, Laboratory work, Scientific research, Drawing & paining, Logo & webdesign, Car driving

Fine Art & Painting

Photography by Florian Janssen & Rüdiger Rau & Dally Records


Mobile: +49 170 5004727

Hamburg, Germany

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