At least in my point of view. Whenever we think we recognize something, a figure or a picture that seems familiar to us, there remains a wide space left for interpretation. If one changes the perspective, gains new information or experiences environmental changes, the subject that once felt known can suddenly become a stranger. Thus, I define my work as psychologically abstract. The underlying truth of a human figure or an object remains a secret, a riddle, without knowing the whole story, the context, the biography... The plurality of human perception, the non-existence of absolute truth within seemingly distinct circumstances fascinates me.  As a former scientist, I’m convinced that art is a way of researching, too. It’s the painting process, the experimentation with a motive, a perspective and the interplay of colors creating an individual reality, that feels utterly magical to me. 

My favorite medium is oil and I’ve been influenced by a variety of artists of impressionism, spontaneous realism and emotionalism. It's the certain unpredictability of paint, that permanently asks for my inner flexibility and development, which keeps me motivated. Depending on the subject I’m working on, I mostly follow the layering techniques of the old master's approach, but I also include alla prima techniques, depending on the subject. My brushstrokes always investigate the optimal balance between improvisation, impulsiveness and my fable for storytelling details, poetic contrasts, and silence. 


With my artwork I want people to tap into the process of interpretation, I’m interested in their individual reality. In analogy to chemistry, my goal is reached if a certain mixture of my composition leads to the viewer's curiosity, followed by a deep inner reaction, potentially leading to an emotional explosion. Within a world of proceeding individualization of society, I strive to connect people with my art, to induce contact - with the motive, the viewer and with inner worlds, that are full of ambiguities.


Hamburg based multifunctional Artist Johanna Hattner, born 1984 in Slovakia, has been painting since her early childhood. Originally a scientist, Hattner left the scientific world, became a social worker and explored various arts after 2015. Since 2018 she focusses intensely on fine art, first in acrylics, then soon transitioned to oils. As a self-taught artist, Hattner blended her desire for humanities, research, and philosophy with her passion for arts, by combining her experiences into a cross-inspiring way of realistic painting. She finds her artistic inspiration in everyday life, people and nature. 

With an eye for the quiet beauty of the seemingly ordinary and a passion for biographical turns and stories - those of other people and her own – Hattner communicates not only through figurative works but also through narrative still lifes. Her work depicts the beauty of ambiguities - competing desires - by the use of contrasts, the interplay of lights and shadows, thereby transforming them into everyday riddles, that are resolved throughout the painting process. Her work was exhibited in a group show for the 14th international women's day in Hamburg. Hattner is a member of Poets and Artists, International group.

  • May 2020 | Merit Prize for "Burger, fries and a coke" in the Awesome Art price Spring Contest 2020 

  • April 2020 |8th place with "Piano elegance" in the 10th Annual “Figurative” Online Art Competition." Light SpaceTime Artgallery

  • September  2019 | "Terra & Tide" A fine art collective, Envision Arts Online-Exhibition, Paintings: "Sunny Day" & "She's got an attitude"                 

  • February 08. - March 08 2019 | "A Woman's Tale" Group exhibition, Kulturladen St. Georg, Hamburg


Mobile: +49 170 5004727

Hamburg, Germany

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