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Art Teaching | Online Classes

Have you always wanted to start oil painting?

Does being creative make you happy?

Then what are you waiting for?  

Start now and learn your first painting steps:

Watch my online classes on the learning platform Skillshare!


Class 1:

"Alla prima painting in oils" or: how to paint Bananrama


You are hesitant to try oil paints?I know how that feels: I have waited far too long before I tried oil paints and you shouldn't make the same mistake!


In this class, I will demonstrate to you how easy oil painting can be and show you everything you need to start out with a simple oil painting technique: Alla prima or wet in wet painting.


I walk you through my whole painting process by transforming an old banana into a beautiful realistic oil painting: from taking the photography over the paint supplies I use and the full painting process guided by my explanation and tips along the way.

Enjoy and participate in the class project!

SKILLSHARE Hintergrund.png

Class 2:

"Dry brushing with oils" or: Just paint instead of drawing!


Can you paint with oil paint on paper? Of course! 

The dry brush technique is one example how to do so! 

Especially if you love your brush so much that you don’t like classical drawing- dry brushing is a fun technique that combines best of both worlds: A way to practice drawing with your beloved brush as a tool.


Whether the final result is called a drawing or a painting is up to you. Maybe call it prawing... :-)

In this class, I will show you which materials you need for dry brushing, demonstrate to you the basics of the dry brush technique and finally how to apply this knowledge to paint/draw a monochromatic (black and white) portrait.

I walk you through my whole painting process from drawing the pre-sketch of the portrait to the final painting in black and white guided by my explanation and tips along the way.

Have fun watching, painting & learning!

Cheers, Johanna

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