I always strive to connect all the different forms of art-

That's what my project "From Art to Art" is about.


If you are an artist such as a...

  • dancer

  • musician

  • videographer

  • actress/actor

  • fashion designer

  • photorapher

  • a writer or, or, or

... you have a good chance of being part of it :-)!

Just check out if you fit to my current call down below.


What am I looking for?

Artist should inspire and support each other therefore get connected! Plus, I simply love the energy of artists being sunk-in into their flow moments! 

So if you are an artist (other than a painter) you can become a part of my art process and we can cross-inspire each other. How? By providing me a reference photo of yourself in "art action" or a photo of a piece you created and are very proud of (such as a designed dress on a model, or a scene from your movie ... etc.).

With your permission, I will then use the photography as an inspirational reference to make artwork of it. I'll interpret the reference* in my painting style and create a unqiue original  painting of it - as simple as that!

Whats in for you? 

(Despite having the joy of cross-inspiration 

& being a major part of a unique piece of painted artwork) 

After finishing the artwork I will of course mention you as an artist within the social network by tagging your name along with the artwork (if you want that). You are welcome to share my posts and the painted result, too.

When you like to purchase the artwork by yourself, after it's finished, you will get a 30% discount of the original price.

If I sell the original painting (not glicées, prints etc.) to someone else, you will get 20% shares from me, based on the total selling price of the original painting.


Show me the paint! How does it work?

Basically all artists, other than painters, can apply. 

Here's an example how the process can look like:


Your inspirational photo

Final Artwork "Piano Hands"

Acrlylic on Canvas 12x12''

Final Artwork "Piano Hands"

Acrlylic & Oil on Canvas 18x32''


I'm currently working on the "Piano-Series" looking for female classical concert pianists, that provide a photo showing them actively playing or being in contact with their instrument.

If you have photos "in action" while playing on stage or practicing or photos that show you as an artist with a piano (but not classical portraits were you just look straigt into the camera lense).


The photo can also derive from a video, so it doesn't have to have a "superb" high quality. More important to me is the feel of the picture provides and the lighting. So you can also send me a link to your video and I will chose a scene in it to paint from. 

Photos are preferred to be in color, however, if only a b&w photo is available, that's fine, too.

So if you are a classical female pianist, or know on that would love to be painted in my style

& if you or the pianist has some lovely photography or videography (plus the copyright to them or the guarantee/prove of its CC license), send me a message and I will get in touch with you!

What a cool thing!

Help to connect all forms of arts & transform the artworld 

into an even more colorful one!


You want to be part of the "From Art to Art" project? 

Then I can't wait to hear from you - let's get in touch and chat about the details!

Send me a message via the contact form 

or E-Mail me to info@johannahattner.com  

Can't wait to paint

from Art to Art!

-Johanna Hattner-

*Good to know:

I don't guarantee that I'll paint the whole photo as it is- it is used as a reference only and not meant as a 1-to-1 reproduction - that means my artwork will will probably be close to the reference but -if it suits the expression- I will decide to make some changes to it, such as cropping it or changing the background, color etc. to gain a well suited composition for the final painting.

Please understand, that depending on the amount of applicants per art theme, I cannot guarantee that your photo will be picked for the project. I hope you understand that I have to limit the number pieces for this project. I have only 2 hands (sadly) and usually only 1 of them can hold a brush well ;-).