Artistic journey & new self made linen canvas...

Hello! Last week I finally started painting on one of my new self made linen canvases. I usually painted on panels most of the time or smaller store bought canvases that I primed further. However, I really like the idea of producing different canvas sizes whenever I like to and not be dependent on which formats are currently available. Also I love to know what goes onto my panels and my canvas so I am sure I have a good quality ground to paint on. So far so good...

...but my experience to paint on my new great looking and well stretched canvas was not as pleasurable as I thought: the ground was still too absorbent in comparison to my panels and thus the surface was much less slick. So next time I know to use more than two coats of primer :-). Since I am open for learning I took the chance and decided to go a little crazy with this painting - using a different palette, different tools, scraping, scratching painting and brushing - whatever came to my mind.

Currently I am letting the painting dry and I am not sure if the "finished" painting will ever see the world :-) but I like to share the work in progress with you. Also because by social media it often seems that everyone produces great paintings all the time without failure. Nothing could be farther from the truth and I also don’t think it’s a healthy attitude to expect this from oneself as a painter because it limits making new experiences and step out of one’s comfort zone.

This painting stage you see here has already changed, but it's nice to have a reference of the different stages to see what effects I liked best. Overpainting is a thing and the “final“ painting hasn‘t always the most power compared to earlier stages.

This experience certainly helped me on my artistic journey to figure out what works for me and what probably doesn't have to be repeated again ;-). Also I found it interesting how different the larger format felt to me. "Not my favourite" I thought. But who knows...maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it again :-). Certainly I didn't feel this way about my pianist painting series...

Hope you enjoyed this insight into my creative processes!

Cheers, Johanna

"Paintings are a sanctuary for the mind"

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