Creating emotions in a painting

From the moment that I started creating art - whether it painting or singing or playing an instrument - I knew that there was one thing I wanted to achieve with it: Touching and moving people. From my youth until today I am constantly trying to hone my skills to achieve this one thing - how to create a mood and communicate these emotions to the viewers? All my thoughts and processes are targeted towards this question. So recently I made up my mind about color harmony and also the subjects I love to paint. To me there shall be a unity between a subject, a beautiful figure, face or pose and the overall concept of the painting. That's why I decided to limit my color choices again to about 4 to maximum five colors on my palette - this way I am able to create a strong unity and harmony that I love to come across.

I also hired another model and can't wait to find a date with her and have some more exciting references to paint! I actually love to expand my portfolio of female portraits/figures because they are so much fun and fascinate me every time. The third piece in the gallery above is actually a work in progress that I started just toady.

Although I don't paint a lot of fanart I also was inspired by a french series called "en therapie" that I really liked because the actors are fabulous and the whole concept of the series felt very real to me. Since I love psychology and am also working with mentally illl people in my dayjob my interest was caught quickly. Hence I decided to paint a small study of Melanie Thierry, one of the talented actresses of the series and catched her natural beauty in oils. I definitely crave to show my works to other people in person, too. But as long as this is not an option I love to invite you to book my virtual art shows and also will do live artshows on Instagram soon.

Hope you enjoyed this insight into my creative processes.

Cheers, Johanna

"Paintings are a sanctuary for the mind"

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