Dream away (Sometimes you have to wipe it away)!

I've had a lot of fun last week - I grabbed my camera and had a photo-shooting with two lovely new models. I enjoy chatting with them and usually some of their personalities and stories will inspire my later paintings - either in the work itself and/or in the title of the pieces. When I work from photos, I usually pay very close attention to make real or just mental notes during and after my shooting, for example about the complexity of the skin and which colors and lights I see. The human eye is still far better to capture all the subtleties so I try to catch them to add them later in my painting process. The photo itself is just a tool to enhance my remembrance...

After finishing my first model shoot I carefully chose the photo that spoke to me most and then went straight to my easel. I don't wipe paintings often, but this time I had started out with a color palette that didn't transport the dreamy feeling I had in mind. The start developed like this:

Not saying it was bad, but I knew I could and wanted to so something else and also liked to tweak the composition slightly.

So I finally did what had to be done- I wiped away hours of painting…

But it was so worth it: After starting a second time I felt much more in tune with the colors and the end result 🥰.

I loves to build up some paint and keep the colors soft and muted. In the end “dream away“ was the title of the final piece. I really loved the soft blouse and the romantic feel, including the braided hair of the girl. I thought about the innocence and the long lifetime the figure has ahead of herself. Turning her back away from the present, she's looking into her future, dreaming away how her life could be…We all have been young and maybe also experienced how these moments of youth have felt. The world was laying ahead of you and one or the other hour has been filled with daydreams. With this painting I like to bring this feeling back to you - because just because we went older we don't have to stop to dream...

I hope you liked this little insight into my painterly life!

Stay tuned- for I have a nice project I am currently working on and I will suprise you with that soon... :-)!

Take care,


- Art is a sanctuary for the human mind -

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