Happy Easter! Happy Rabbit!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Times got pretty different from what we are all used to, and because of COIVD 19 I am spending more time at my studio than normally. Easter time can be especially hard for those who cannot spend time with they loved ones due to physical distancing, but I try to make the best out of it. Painting is a wonderful way for me to ease my mind and because of that, it has real value during times like this. So, since I am not able to meet a lot of people directly, I decided to share more of my painting process and start to share my painting process of small and fun alla prima paintings (paintings done in one sitting) every week from now on on my Youtube Channel "Johannas Art Corner". I will post them every sunday morning at 9am (EST).

Also, I learn a lot through observation (all artists are kind of observers, aren't we ;-)) so why not sharing this so you can learn how to oil paint, through observation, too...

I started with a small painting study from life - I thought "painting paint" is a fun thing to start with and since I love still lifes I gave it a try- et voila, here's the result:

But hey, it's easter time and who wouldn't love to see a cute painted rabbit for this occasion :-)?!

So if you are curious how the "Happy rabbit" comes to life, you are welcome to tune in and learn at the same time.

I hope you have a wonderful time during the easter holidays! If you can, relax a bit and stay safe and healthy!

- "Paintings are the sanctuary of the mind" -

Cheers, Johanna

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