Happy Mothersday & revealing "Hope"

First of all I'm wishing all of you a happy sunday and a happy mothers day!

There are many things going on in my studio and I decided to focus on painting one of my favorite subject - sensual figures and portraits - for a while. Today I love to share my recent painting I just finished a few hours ago. It was inspired by the beautiful model but I also loved to infuse it with a special, and soft mood. I called this painting "Hope" (30x40cm oil on panel), because I think we all might somewhat have a little more hope currently, that the pandemic situation will get better with the availability of the vaccines. Almost like within the pandemic I had really a lot of ups and downs during the creation of this piece - to be honest in the beginning I wasn't sure if I would ever finish it. But I am very happy that I was able to push past that point and that I have achieved to catch the glimmer and the sensual mood with soft, but still vibrant colors that I've had in mind initially. I really like to frame this one and I am making up my mind which frame would fit this piece best...

Today I also enjoyed a very warm sunny day after a looong period of rainy and cool weather and it felt truly awesome. Being outside and feeling the spring atmosphere around me, with all the birds singing and the lovely smell of the blooming blossoms also made myself much more optimistic and hopeful - that's why I enjoy being in nature so much. So I did my best to create a painting that catches the hopeful gaze of the model and that glows in a hopeful manner to evoke that emotion in you, the viewers, too. I'm curious if you receive it in the same way - you're invited to let me know!

Below you can see a small video I filmed after finishing the work:

I am already planning ahead as well: next tuesday a new model will come over for a small photoshooting and I am excited to see, how the results will inspire me for more figurative works. I am quite excited that I am planning for more figures and female portraits.

Hope you enjoyed the insight into my artist-life! If you like to stay updated, sign up for my E-Mail newsletter.

Take care!


-Art is a sanctuary for the human mind-

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