Happy New Year 2022!

I hope you all had a good and smooth transition into 2022! I have a real newcomer to show to you - Nebula I - the first abstract oil painting that I have painted at all and it's also the first one of this year that has been finished, yay! But what's the story behind this painting? I've always been inspired by the pictures of the hubble telescope and when I saw the news about the new Webb telescope being released into space I was in awe about what has become possible scientifically by now. Can't wait to see the new pictures and infos it collects! So, I absolutely love the nebula pictures out there and since I am a cloud person, too I wanted to create something similar within my paintings and evoke the fascination that comes with the universe and the things that are still there to discover. Also I see an analogy because I am currently also exploring totally new territories with my painting styles :-)!

I am thinking about creating some prints of this piece - so this picture above gives you an impression how the small original (30x30cm) might look like when blown up on a wall. Maybe I will create a second larger original out of the smaller study as well...

Since this one is the first one of my abstracts and also a smaller study I am selling it with a discount!

What I love about this piece is the color harmony and the expression it has - it's an interplay between dark greens and bright yellow mainly that are creating the magic here. Also I gave it a lot of texture and worked my ways with a palette knife, too - so much fun!

So, stay tuned, there will be more abstracts to come! And btw: no foolin - these abstracts take the same amount of time (or forever :-D!), if not more in comparison to my realistic pieces. That was actually surprising for myself!

Take care,


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