Impressionistic vibes

Last week I decided to put my first experimental linen canvas painting aside and start a second painting. This time the mood I wanted to create was still experimental but quite contrary - I quickly realized that I wanted to go into a more impressionistic direction with low contrast and a bright mood.

Thinking spring or summer when you almost have to squint your eyes to see anything at all. I really liked the texture of the paint and I really understood how powerful a brushstroke can be. Also I enjoyed the interconnection of a loose background and a more realistic detail in the figure.

This painting will receive some more love from my brushes until I call it finished but I wanted to share the painting process with you so far :-). With this painting I take the time to sit and think what else it might need and to experiment further. The impressionistic touch is definitely there and it's quite interesting what it does to me - though I really do like impressionistic works I still feel like "this is not my painting.." - it's that different from what I am used to. But this is exactly what I aimed for and I am willing to push my artistic senses a bit further beyond the usual comfort zone. I am curious how where my journey will take me. I'd love to hear from you how you like this new direction!

Hope you enjoyed this insight into my creative processes.

Cheers, Johanna

"Paintings are a sanctuary for the mind"

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