It's peony week!

Last week I was walking through the farmers market again. It was a bright and sunny morning and I enjoyed looking at all the colorful foods and flowers while breathing some fresh air. Passing a stand with different flowers, I couldn't resist but take notice of the wonderful pink peonies that seemed to wave at me and called me to paint them! How couldn't I?!

I do love flowers and love painting them as well. So I decided to take a little break from my current bigger painting "still too chilly" and chose to paint this small still life called "Pink Explosion" to dive right into the juicy pink and red colors. It's just a small 24x30cm oil painting on a canvas but dear, I was really overwhelmed by beauty of these gorgeous flowers! To add a little more texture and punch to the painting, I decided to use the palette knife and created some impasto to catch the light even more and add a unique and passionate character to it. Take a look:

I will now let them dry a little before signing and then this beautiful small painting will be available through my fine art store by the end of next week :-)! I am definitely in the mood for more palette knife fun and making sense of the floral abundance of this wonderful time of the year.

Enjoy your day!


-Art is a sanctuary for the human mind-

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