More spring vibes and floral paintings...

Here in Hamburg, the cold came back for a while and winter seems to cling a bit to this month. But I thought "Why not just bring the spring mood into my home?!". So I went on with my spring flower series consisting of three canvases that I primed with different color coats. The last week I finished two of them and the third one is left to dry currently.

Oil Painting Daffodils
Just finished "Spring Vibes"!

When I was a child I grew up in a house with a large garden and my mother always planted lots of different beautiful flowers, from tulips and roses over gladiolus and daffodils. We always had some of them inside our home, too. But I did feel sad whenever I saw them withering - although it is, of course, just the way nature is. By painting them I have found a way to capture the beauty of the flowers for a long long time and looking at them just makes me happy. They also bring back these beautiful memories!

I decided to experiment more with my painting process. Although I painted these daffodils from my still life stand I still made decisions that deviated from what I saw. So I put more greens into the background to give the painting more movement and a lighter spring-like feeling. I mean - during spring everything starts growing from all corners, out of the dark, into the light.

When the spring series of three is completely finished I will announce it and release all three of them together. Here you can see a few details of the brushstrokes I made in "Spring vibes" after I finished it:

Easter is also around the corner and I hope these flower paintings also get you into a more spring-like mood! Even when nature still takes some time to bring out all these wonderful greens and blossom colors.

Hope you like this little insight into my art studio.

Happy springtime and keep a flower nearby :-)!


"Paintings are a sanctuary for the mind"