New Exhibition "Old meets new - realism is abstract?!"

It's been Sylvester 2021 and I am sitting with friends in my kitchen, talking about new years resolutions, vision boards and new goals for 2022. A friend looked at me and asked: "And whats your goal for 2022?" I smiled and said "More art and exhibitions!". Little did I know that two weeks later, practically by mistake, I found a call for art exhibitions at the Kulturschloss Wandsbek - a lovely and known culture and event house in my hometown. One minute later my mail was sent and the result is my first solo exhibition here in Hamburg - exciting!

When will it be? From April 13. to May 8. and I will be at the opening during the evening and hopefully meet friends and new faces that like to see what I have worked on for so many years now. I'd be very happy if you can make it to the opening, but if not, you have a whole month to visit Hamburg and check out me paintings during the opening times at Kulturschloss Wandsbek.

The exhibition is called "old meets new - realism is abstract?!" because I wanted to show the you my "artsy biography" with my early paintings from 2018 until today, exploring realism first but then exploring the abstract expressionistic side today, as well. Also, it is a topic that fascinates me since a long time - the process of perception and theories about what reality is and if it even exists, such as constructivism. Even in realism, we are basically just looking at paint, brush strokes, color and yet still we perceive a figure or a face - with our hungry brains looking for something well known it can make sense of. And even if it's not a figure, but an abstract piece - everyone has their own impressions of a picture, connected to a unique landscape of emotions that are again influenced by the viewers biography. Through this process, my initial inspiration may become someone else's connection...a wonderful thing to witness, if you ask me!

Now, there's a lot to think of and prepare upfront for this event, and of course I am also trying to squeeze in some more new paintings til to goooo... :D

Stay tuned and take care,


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