New ways and holidays!

The year comes to an end and christmas holidays are only one day ahead. It’s been a while since I have picked up a brush the last time- right after my summer holiday to be precise. I took time to relax and get a fresh view onto art and painting in general It’s funny how a break can transform art even when you‘re not spending time at the easel. Only recently, after resolving a very fruitful but hard conflict in my life, I decided to start fresh and also realized how much I wanted to go into a more playful abstract, yet well designed style. Longing to feel some artsy passion, I knew I had to pour my heart into it, if I want to deliver that inspiration and emotional energy to you through my paintings.

Just yesterday I received a wonderful new sturdy easel that will be able to support my bigger, handcrafted canvases well for a lifetime. I am super happy with it!

And I also got in touch with acrylic paints again after about four years, embracing their boldness within my new little sketches and studies for bigger paintings. I like to paint a few more to show you a lovely little collection before they will be available.

My abstract new pieces are not yet finished and I am working on multiple pieces at once because the oil does take more time to dry now during the winter. But I will surely be able to show something new until new year.

I really hope you have lovely holidays and are able to spend a little time with your loved ones!

For all of you who are celebrating - merry Christmas to you!

Take care,


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