It's the small things - Painting overseen places

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Wood oil painting
"Into the woods" 50x70 cm, oil on panel

To find new inspirations I love to stroll through nature and just take in the silence and receive what's there around me. So during a lovely sunny evening I decided to go out and take my camery with my, to capture some of the lovely skies and sundown moments for later paintings. I was actually rather looking for wider landscapes and took a long walk along the rivers beside lovely fields. But after a while I found a lovely little wood and decided to take a look at it from the inside. There was noone else there. It was quiet and peaceful, with a few leaves whistling in between. After a few steps into it I realized how beautiful the evening sun lit just small fractions of the trees and caressed them with beautiful warm sunlight. Amazed by this effect I went home and soon started "Into the woods" which is still in progress...

This story made me think about the beauty of our surroundings, that is often so easily overseen during our everyday routines. We pass by without noticing - that's why I like to stop from time to time and look around to notice all the things that might have been unnoticed. Just like the lovely small field that's been left on its own for a few years now on a building site. I usually go for strong light effects but this time it was a bright sunny warm day and there was just a single little cloud passing by the scene. So I captured this feeling of a bright sunny day, accompanied by all the sweet little wild flowers....It just takes time and a little space to transform seemingly "boring" places.

Isn't it lovely when "nature takes over"...?

- "Paintings are the sanctuary of the mind" -

Cheers, Johanna

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