When the river turns: My approach to landscape painting...

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Today I'd love to give you an insight about one of my biggest inspirations for painting - if I'm painting that subject or not: Nature is my anchor. I've always been a nature lover. Growing up I, my family had a huge garden where I spend most of my free time as a child, running around, watching ants on trees and playing with my dog. Since I grew up I am in for a walk through nature almost every day. That's why it's so important to me to capture these beautiful, fleeting moments of tranquility and relaxation that we can experience, while being surrounded by the greens of whispering trees and the wavy sound of watery blues.

After my move to Hamburg Bergedorf a couple of years ago I also really enjoyed being surrounded by so much water, too. I am regularily walking by the river Bille but I'm also taking long bike rides along the big Elbe river that winds and turns until it finally reaches the wide ocean.

The painting "River Turn" was born after such a long bike ride, while I was following the dike next to the Elbe. I tried to let go of all my thoughts with each meter, feeling the wind blowing into my face, enjoying the magnificent view during my ride. After half of my route I decided to take a break on the green grass and walked down the dike to enjoy the beautiful landscape ahead of me, watching the clouds to form fascinating ever changing shapes in front of me. It was so intriguing, that I decided to to preserve this beautiful scene in a new painting. It's where the river turns, that I will usually turn, too. Heading back towards home, where the paint waits to finally be transformed into it's "second nature"...

- "Paintings are the sanctuary of the mind" -

Cheers, Johanna

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