Painting outdoors with the Sierra plein air pochade box

The sun is finally shining again in Hamburg after a long long winter period wihtout almost any sunrays. The first spring days have arrived. What could be better than taking out my new sierra pochade box and test it out, I thought? So I packed my back pack with all I needed (Note to myself: I still take too many paint tubes with me...) and head towards the big river Elbe here in my neighborhood. The sun is warm and the air smells mild and sweet, while I am heading down the dykes into a part of the nature reserve to find a place that inspires me to paint it. The sun is almost going down, so I know the light effects will be quite lovely within the next hours before sundown.

Sierra Pochade Plein Air Box
Happy painting with the sierra plein air pochade box!

Although it's still winter time, I do enjoy nature even when theres a lot of greys and neutrals out there. I still see them as very calming and vivid colorful greys - especially when you start painting them you realize how many muted colors are actually in there.

A fisher is sitting on a small promontory next to some long grasses and branchless trees with the sun behing. Some dogs are barking and playing happily and from time to time there are ships passing by through the river, causing the waves to get higher every now and then before they return to small water ripples. I am enjoying this atmosphere while I am setting everything up and starting my painting. Working for about an hour I'm getting completely immersed. When I finally put down the last highlights of my painting and look around, the sun is almost gone. In the last sunrays I'm turning around with my packed backpack, towards the initial pathway I came down here, while a couple just makes their way to my spot to sit down and enjoy the romantic scenery.

What a peaceful place I am thinking on my way home, with the beautiful pictures in my mind to memorize and finish my plein air sketch during the following days in my studio...

What an experience! All in all I am pretty pleased with how the sierra plein air pochade box performed - it's made of beautiful wood and very stable, fit's into my backpack perfectly and easy to set up on a tripod. I love the little additional tray on the side, the palette is nice and it can hold even bigger panels or canvases. The only thing that could been improved in my pov is, that theres only very little space between the panel and the palette when you close the box. So if you have larger piles of oil paint sitting of it after painting it's not so convenient to transport the panel within the box (You have to flip the panel to prevent that it gets ruined). But that's just applying if you use small panels anyway, so it's a minor issue to me. The box will surely go on several trips and vacations with me, from now on!


"Paintings are a sanctuary for the mind"

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