Strawberry fields forever!

Strawberries - aren't they wonderful fruits? Red and sweet, equipped with a seductive smell that you can barely escape. There are many reasons to love them. Actually they are my favorite fruit and that's why I had to paint a small stilllife this week from life before I ate them all up :-D. I kept the background and the setting classic and included a cute little heart-shaped candy bowl that I own since my childhood. Since strawberries are such yummy fruits I thought "who needs candy if you can have strawberries instead". Thats when I came up with the title "no need for candy".

As with the strawberries I took a little break from my bigger pieces and started to catch the fleeting moments of my walks in my neighborhoods in smaller formats, too. Like these cute purple bellflowers that were growing beside a road I was passing by during my walks. I enjoyed the contrast to the red wall and kept the atmosphere loose and spontaneous - just like when you walk by these fleeting beauties in real life. You can even see glimpses of the underpainting showing through- it gives the painting its special character.

I think it's essential to include these everyday inspirations in my painting journey - they are always great learning opportunities and keep me motivated and my creativity fresh :-)!

Also, my peony painting „pink explosion“ you have been introduced to last week has now dried quite a bit and is thus now available in my store :-)! Of course, I will give it a final varnish to protect it before shipping. I am varnishing all my paintings btw because it protects the colors from dust and dirt and also gives back a shiny luster and brilliant colors to the paintings. Some love it matt but I prefer at least a sating gloss finish or a shiny finish :) (right now I am using Gamvar from Gamblin).

Enjoy your day!


-Art is a sanctuary for the human mind-