Time to say goodbye!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

No, I'm not leaving - but a painting of mine found a happy new home this week :-)! "Heads up" was the title of the artwork - quite fitting to these current times, I guess. I remember the time I painted these handsome artichoke flowers well: I am walking through the farmers market on a sunny day and then my eyes hit something unusual. I was in awe about blooming artichokes and quite surprised, because I have never seen them in bloom (and didn't even know they do!). So I took them home and had to capture them instantly with oils twice :-). Thus there's still a second painting of this series available: "we're in this together".

Oil Painting "woman with golden scarf" by Johanna Hattner
"Woman with golden scarf" | 30 x 30 cm | oil on panel

Also I started painting more figures and portraits lately. I always find it fascinating, diving into the expression of another face, studying the spirit behind it by observation, trying to capture the essence of a personality. I am intrigued by the process of taking "just paint" and suddenly having eyes looking back at me on the canvas (maybe that could be a reason why protrait painters don't suffer from lonelyness while painting ;-)...?).

Since I do have a crush on pre-raphaelites and orientalism I went on with painting this Lady with a golden scarf - gold or metallic looking textures are always a joy for me!

If you are interested in how I started this particular portrait, I invite you to check out the time lapse video on my youtube channel "johannas art corner" - have fun watching it:

Stay healthy and safe!

- "Paintings are the sanctuary of the mind" -

Cheers, Johanna

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