What future holds: To change is to grow

Marta stands up form her bed, with some of dreams she had during the night lingering on her mind. She walks by the window with her Satin nightdress still on and takes a look out of the window. "What will the future, what will this day hold?" She's asking herself while the morning light illuminates her. She stands still for a while to dream and wonder a little before she decides to "carpe diem" and proceed with her day.

This is the mood and scene I had in mind when I started my new portrait painting "Marta in Satin" 40x40cm.

For this painting I also worked with a limited palette and I was making sure that I keep it in a soft and dreamy mood. I painted the model in this pose because I was (and still am) fascinated with the soft light shining through her curly hair.

I normally paint in layers with a bolder brush stroke and bigger brushes and without any pre-drawing. With Marta in Satin, I decided to change things up and did a pre-drawing first, followed by using only medium to smaller brush sizes to finalize an area completely before working on the next one. This is also called alla prima or wet-in-wet technique. You can see the process here:

I really loved how much manipulation one layer of paint allowed me - more than expected and I will take a lot of that experience into my next paintings - even though I think that I like to have at least a second layer to add different paint textures and increase the opacity in the lighter to make the lights stand out!

Also I had a new stunning Model coming over for a shooting today and I am excited to start on these ones!

Hope you liked this insight into my latest art life episode.

Take care,


- Art is a sanctuary for the human mind -

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