Create a home that feels true to you

You're a woman that tackled a huge personal breakthrough - Yay, time to celebrate!

Now you're totally owning your space but your home doesn't reflect that yet?

If it's still a land of impersonal greige that is desperately in need of a bold expressive transformation that finally matches your personality, I have the right artwork for you. 

Take a look at these empowering feminine oil paintings that will inspire you daily to stay true to yourself & add a beautiful colorful statement to your walls.

Nice to meet you!

I'm Johanna an oil painter living in Hamburg, Germany. My colorful contemporary figurative paintings are inspired by the power of personal transformation that I witnessed manyfold in my own life as well as through my experience as a social worker in the mental health sector.

Many women tend to keep themselves small for many reasons, until (hopefully) at some point they find the courage to break free and embrace their own colorful uniqueness. Hence my art embraces feminine beauty & the emotional richness of life and the growth coming from all struggles within it.

It strives to reveal the emotional truth behind a seemingly calm surface, the expression of positive transformation by finding our own voice. I hope my art empowers you to break free from the things that don't feel true to yourself.

As an introverted soul I enjoy the serenity of a quiet home as my sanctuary to recharge and love being close to nature. However....

  • 30-day returns

    I offer a full money-back for Originals (excl. shipping cost) in case you're not happy with a painting.

  • Made with love

    Each painting is handmade and looked over with care to ensure you get quality paintings made with love.

  • Worldwide shipping

    You can order my original fine art or prints from anywhere in the world.