Nice to meet you!

I'm Johanna, an oil painter from Hamburg, Germany. Let me introduce myself and the story behind my paintings…

As an introverted soul...

...I enjoy the serenity of a quiet home as my sanctuary to recharge and love being close to nature. However, quite often I experience a contrast between how calm I seem to be to people on the outside and how I actually feel inside. Through my year long work-experience as a social worker in mental health I learned that I wasn’t alone with this phenomenon.

With my paintings I want to express this contrast in a positive way and reveal the beautiful rich inner world of the things we believe are "still“.  Using bold strokes and strong colors paired with naturally harmonic shapes helps me to tell this story so my paintings can serve as an anchor to the viewer that delivers both tranquility and an invigorating feeling.

Fun facts...

...though I'm living in flatland I love hiking and spend my vacation with my dear husband in the mountains at least once a year

...I love animals but I don't have pets (at the moment... :))

...I like to dig deep: in my "former life" I've spent my days in a lab as a biochemist

...My favorite food: Let there be Pizza!

...I enjoy reading. (Beside the multitude, one of my current favorite authors is John Updike)

My Process

My oil paintings usually start with making or finding a reference of a woman that inspires me. Then I usually start a design process, where I manipulate my references to create a beautiful balance between the realistic figure and a free playful abstract expressive background. If I get to the point that makes me fall in love with this first sketch, I start tackling my canvas. I try to explore different techniques but currently they start with a rough charcoal drawing followed by painting the figure carefully before I go crazy with the background. To add emotional depth I like to create different textures & shapes and use different tools other than brushes for mark-making.

I always strive not to overwork the piece so it keeps the dynamic energy of the first brushstrokes that bring a feeling of joyfulness & optimism in to the homes of my collectors.